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Meet Rachel Lovell

I have been in the grooming industry for 19+ years and groom all breeds and sizes. I absolutely loves what I do. I attend yearly seminars, training, and hands-on work shops to stay up to date with the latest grooming trends, techniques, and products. In addition to grooming education, I am also certified with Pet Tech in canine First aid/C.P.R and have maintained this certification for the last decade in hopes it's never needed but prepared if it ever is.
I pride myself on providing quality grooming services for you and your pup in a safe, timely, and compassionate manner.


Meet Brittney Gamble

Animals have been my passion my whole life. I watched my grandmother groom as I was growing up and always loved watching her give each dog a new look.

I have been grooming for nine years and really enjoy that I get to work with dogs everyday. I love seeing their wagging tails and happy faces when they come through the door or after they've had their spa day.

My favorite part of grooming is having the chance to show my creative side and try different styles or add a pop of color. The dogs love the extra attention also.

Dogs are definitely a huge part of my life. I have 3 dogs of my own and they are like kids to me. As well as all the regular doggy clients I get to see and form a relationship with. I always treat them as I would my own. So thank you for trusting me with your pet this is part of your family.



Meet Anna Foster

  I’ve been a professional dog groomer since 2015 where my humble beginning started in Arlington Virginia. I’ve since then had the pleasure of developing my skills working alongside very talented groomers from all over the country. I found the gem, The Pampered Pooch, in 2018. I moved out of state during the pandemic, but recently moved back eager to start again with TPP family! I love this profession and really have a passion for building relationships with clients and working with their beloved pets, all sizes and breeds. My personal favorite cut is the Springer Spaniel pattern. I love Springers and Cavaliers, so much so, that I have a Cavalier myself named Lady who comes to work with me everyday. Thank you for checking out TPP, and I look forward to working with you!

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